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Utility Rebate Incentives | LED Rebates

At Anthem Lighting Distributors Inc., our team specializes in securing LED utility incentives to make your energy efficiency projects pay back quickly. Thanks to aggressive pricing along with very generous utility rebate incentives, your project can be cash flow positive–from day one.

We offer numerous financing packages and options for both lighting materials and total project costs. This allows you to upgrade your facility with no out-of-pocket expense.

When financing projects, utility incentives you receive may be applied to other expenses in your business, while the energy savings of your new lighting creates cash flow to pay for itself and the financing on a monthly basis.

Anthem Lighting is a qualified Trade Ally participant in many utility programs and has worked extensively in the Midwest United States with Kansas City Power & Light, Ameren Missouri and Mid-American Energy. All programs offer substantial rebate incentives for energy-efficiency upgrades to your business or facility. We partner with various utilities to promote their programs that ultimately benefit you, the commercial utility customer.

Rebate Resources

Ask us about how your business can earn rebates for installing energy-efficient equipment and facility upgrades such as LED retrofits. Contact your local utility; in the Midwest and Kansas City areas, the following resources are currently available:

Kansas City Power & Light offers Business Energy efficiency rebates, both standard for simple upgrades and custom for larger or more complex upgrades. Learn more at

Mid American Energy offers assessments, programs and rebates for businesses in Iowa, Illinois and South Dakota.

Ameren Missouri BizSavers® program offers incentives for its Missouri business customers, such as cost effective energy efficiency upgrades. More info at

Looking for policies and incentives broken down by state?
Click Here to find updated policies and incentive information on the
Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency at the DSIRE USA website

Benefits Of LED

Substantial energy and maintenance savings result from the installation of an LED lighting system in commercial and industrial facilities...

Rebates Available

Anthem Lighting’s sales team specializes in securing LED utility incentives to make your energy efficiency projects pay back quickly...

Warranties & Reputation

Anthem Lighting offers the strongest warranties in the business, in fact 3, 5 and 10 year warranties are standard on all products we distribute...