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Benefits of Using Interior LED Lighting in Commercial Spaces

LED lighting offers a strategic, cost effective commercial lighting solution and an ecofriendly alternative to traditional incandescent and fluorescent bulbs.

LED Lights and Lower Energy Bills: Qualified commercial LED light fixtures use at least 75% less energy and last 35 times longer than traditional lighting. LED lights are also brighter than conventional bulbs and their brilliant illumination provides optimal coverage by aiming LED light in a specific direction. Achieving the same output for less, LED lights significantly reduce energy bills through low energy lighting.

LED Lights and Reduced Operating Expenses: The extended lifespan of LED lighting reduces inventory requirements and labor needed to otherwise maintain and replace traditional lighting. LED lights are also highly durable and do not break easily. Their damage proof nature makes LED lights virtually maintenance free. Besides longevity and durability, commercial LED lighting does not emit heat, hence reducing overall cooling costs. All these factors equate to a more robust product and substantial savings.

LED Lights and the Environment: LED lights are environmentally friendly and a responsible way to fulfill your commercial lighting needs. LED lights are free from toxic gasses including mercury. On the other hand, all fluorescent bulbs contain mercury and are therefore a health risk and are not recycleable. A broken fluorescent bulb will expel and expose anyone close to it with toxic levels of the mercury neurotoxin. Because non-LED lights are filled with mercury, their manufacture and disposal emit noxious gasses that are harmful to our environment.

Commercial LED light bulbs and LED lights in all capacities are recyclable, less likely to be accidentally broken due to their durability and are free from dangerous chemicals.

Types of Commercial Businesses That Would Benefit from LED Lighting

LED commercial lighting is a high quality, energy efficient lighting option for all commercial businesses looking for energy savings and reduced operating expenses.

Types of businesses that would benefit from commercial LED lighting include but are not limited to: warehouses, industrial settings, retail spaces, offices, hospitals, libraries and showrooms.

LED Area Lights

Area lights are a useful and sometimes decorative way of lighting an ornamental landscape or general area. LED light bulbs retain a consistent and very clear color temperature which does not fade over time. LED bulbs instantly turn-on when triggered without a lapse in reaching maximum light output. They remain steady and do not flicker which makes it easier on the eyes. These factors along with the bright white lighting quality of the LED bulb light make it an unrivaled choice for any retail setting, office space, library or hospital. Larger spaces that would benefit from area lights include college campuses, shopping malls, hospitals and car dealerships

LED Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting offers a discreet lighting solution as it is installed in a hollow opening in the ceiling. When properly in place, recessed commercial LED light fixtures, concentrate light in a downward direction. Recessed LED bulbs are perfect for providing ambient light and/or highlighting artwork or accenting a decorative piece. Often called “cans” due to their shape, recessed LED light can create the illusion of a larger space with a luminous scope as broad as a floodlight or as narrow as a spotlight.

Recessed lighting offers a streamlined look and is ideal for restaurant lighting, display lighting, retail stores, grocery stores, warehouses and offices.

LED High Bay Lighting

High Bay LED lighting is ideal for large commercial spaces that need powerful illumination at long ranges. Specifically designed for tall ceilings, 15 to 45 feet, and larger areas, this type of LED commercial lighting focuses light directly, thus putting light where it is needed. This directional capacity saves money by eliminating trapped light and wasted energy.

Because High Bay LED commercial lighting lasts longer than conventional options, the frequency of changing lightbulbs in this difficult setting is reduced. High Bay LED commercial lighting is ideal for warehouses, factories, hangars, gymnasiums and retails stores such as gas stations and supermarkets.

Linear LED Strip Lighting

Strip lighting allows lighting to be put anywhere it is needed or desired. Linear LED strip lights were inspired by traditional fluorescent strip channels but operate with the latest energy saving technology. Innovations in LED strip lights allow them to be small enough to be implemented in places where other lights cannot be placed.

LED strip lights provide better light distribution than fluorescent bulbs, are low maintenance and provide cost savings through energy efficiency. LED strip lights are an excellent choice for illuminating shelving and aisles along with schools, offices, healthcare facilities, supermarkets, laundromats, parking structures and tunnels.

Anthem LED Lighting Distributors, Inc. strongly believes that LED lighting technology is a leading tactic in cost saving business investments, and is a wise strategy for measurable savings in operations costs.

 LED lighting is the most energy efficient lighting solution and undeniably has fewer environmental concerns than traditional lighting options.

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Substantial energy and maintenance savings result from the installation of an LED lighting system in commercial and industrial facilities...

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