Wall Pack LED Lighting

Anthem LED Lighting Distributors is your trusted source for outdoor wall lights including LED wall packs and LED bulbs. Our lighting specialists will assist you with size, design and required specifications to secure the best and most economical exterior LED lighting solution.  We carry a large variety of wall pack accessories, a range of LED wall pack replacements and a large supply of mounting heights to fit your every lighting need.

What is Wall Pack Lighting?

Wall packs are widely popular outside light fixtures, which are commonly used in the outdoor settings of commercial buildings. Their high intensity is ideal for illuminating large spaces such as parking lots, warehouses, loading docks, underpasses, recreation spaces and gas stations.

Wall mounted lights come in a range of sizes making them prominent choice for illuminating the outdoor areas of office buildings, schools and churches. Wall pack lights can also provide favorable lighting for smaller spaces such as walkways and entrance sites.

Wall Pack lighting increases safety and security by creating a properly lit outdoor area. With many design options, LED wall mounts can also add stylish and aesthetically pleasing elements to the landscape of businesses and households alike.

Highly durable, economical and a double agent for deterring crime, LED wall lights are an attractive and necessary component of your lighting strategy.

Benefits of using Commercial LED Wall Pack Lights

Energy efficient and environmentally safe, LED light bulbs have rapidly become the best lighting application for any environment. LED bulbs use 50 to 75% less energy and last up to 35 times longer than incandescent lighting systems.

LED wall packs optimize operating costs. Their long-life and intense durability slash maintenance and replacement costs while their level of brightness and color quality are far superior to that of traditional lighting. You can count on LED output to be consistent regardless of the age of the bulb.

LED wall lights are extremely break resistant and immune to vibration damage. This speaks volumes for their ability to withstand parking lots, freeway underpasses sports complexes and any structure that might sustain vibration properties.

At the end of their very long life, LED bulbs are easy to dispose of and may be recycled. They do not contain mercury like other bulbs, which makes them safe for the environment and non-toxic on the off chance they become damaged.

Why do Businesses Need LED Wall Pack Lights?

Places of businesses and industrial locations need security lighting. Security lighting deters crime and offers a level of safety for employees and customers. From sunset to the darkness of night, a well-lit facility is a necessity for all commercial settings.

LED light fixtures and specifically LED wall packs provide many advantages for businesses.

Directional lighting: LED bulbs cast light in a specific direction, which allows an exact area to be illuminated. Conventional bulbs spray light and heat in all directions lending it to wasted resources. Wall pack LED light fixtures are an excellent way to maintain a properly lit area and reduce light pollution.

Inclement Weather Operation: One of the most attractive features of LED outside lights outdoor wall packs is their ability to retain peak performance during all types of weather. From intense heat to severe cold, sleet, wind and rain, LED lumen output remains constant. This consistency makes LED outdoor wall packs an ideal choice for exterior spaces that interface with harsh environmental factors.

Minimal Heat Output: LED bulbs generate little heat and therefore will not hinder temperature control or interfere with cooling costs.

Brightness Versatility: LED outdoor wall lights are available in a variety of brightness levels. From ambient lighting to an intense blaze, LED wall lights will go the distance. Incandescent and fluorescent lights are unable to reach the luminance levels of LED champions.

Optimizing Features: LED light has superior functioning on its own but there are enhancements that make exterior LED operations even more effective. Motion sensors, activated controls and automatic daylight-shut off plus many more Wall Pack add-ons bring cost savings to the forefront. Because LED bulbs reach maximum output the instant they are activated, lighting capacity is not compromised. LED light bulbs do not draw power when the unit is shut off, so there is an immediate opportunity to lower lighting costs.

Do Wall Packs Enhance Security?

LED outside lights enhance security by creating a properly lit outdoor area. Exterior LED lighting is capable of illuminating a vast area such as a large parking lot. Commercial LED lighting can also focus light on a specific area. Since a light is a deterrent to crime, you can expect your property to be safer after sundown.

Combined with other lighting features such as parking lot pole lights and outside flood lights, security can be increased to a maximum.

Residential Uses of Wall Packs

Since wall packs have multiple models available, they are also an excellent fit for residential use. External LED lights provide perfect lighting for a driveways, walkways and entrances. LED outside lights are available in a variety of designs to fit in with your landscape and add curb appeal.

Outdoor house lights offer nighttime security in the same manner as commercial LED wall pack lights. Deterring criminals from breaking into a home, theft and vandalism are of the many reasons homeowners invest in exterior wall packs.


If you are currently utilizing conventional outdoor wall lights, LED wall pack light retrofit systems are available. Talk with one of our dependable lighting technicians about retrofitting to LED bulbs.

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