LED Landscape Lighting

Benefits of Using LED Landscape Lighting

The benefits of LED lights continue to make them a popular outdoor lighting solution, which includes the choice of LED light bulbs in landscape lighting. Anthem LED Lighting Distributors has LED light options available for outdoor pathway lighting, garden lights, light fixtures, walkway lights, porch lights plus an endless supply of exterior lighting opportunities!

LED lights hit the scene in 1962 and have continued to make strides as an energy-efficient and cost-effective lighting solution. Qualified LED lighting uses 50 to 75% less energy and lasts up to 35 times longer than traditional lighting sources. Reduced utility bills along with lower maintenance requirements make commercial LED lighting an attractive option for many businesses.

LED landscape lighting will provide a decorative feature to your outdoor space while at the same time enhance the security and safety of your building or residence. Anthem Lighting has a vast inventory of decorative and long-lasting outdoor lighting to fit your every need.

Outdoor Pathway Lighting

Outdoor pathway lighting provides patrons and guests a well-lit area that allows them to safely navigate from one point to the next. Landscape path lighting should be considered for any walkway that is routinely traveled when natural outdoor light is dim to dark.

Path lights are adhered to small posts and placed along the perimeter of a pathway. LED lights are ideal for outdoor pathway lighting because of their extended lifespan and their resistance to flickering. LED lighting will remain steady and constant, which will eliminate shadows and intermittent blackout areas. Additionally, outdoor LED lighting is extremely break resistant and will be able to endure environmental conditions.

To create a functional and safe path, consider staggering LED lights to illuminate twists and turns and any items that may interfere with walking. Opt for gentle path lighting, as an overly lit pathway will create glare and a sense of being over-crowded.

It is common for landscape path lighting to be visible, decorative and provide transition between the landscape, light fixtures and the exterior design of a building or home. Pathway lights are used to outline the path of a driveway, parking lot or frame a walking space. Adding occupancy sensors to pathway lighting is an economical way to reduce operating costs in a commercial setting.

Garden Lights

Garden lights are a spectacular way to bring the allure of your landscape into nightfall. Use LED landscape lighting to expand your commercial space into the ambiance of outdoors by accenting trees, shrubs, flowers, company signage, logos and flags.

Using LED light bulbs in your outdoor garden allows for consistent light output and outstanding color quality. LED lights maintain their color temperature throughout their lifetime, which means that their lumen output does not change with the age of the bulb. LED lighting produces minimal heat and therefore will not be a threat to fragile flowering or vegetation.

Choosing low voltage LED lighting for a commercial setting will not only create a warm and inviting space, it will keep your area protected. Outdoor lighting deters theft, vandalism and trespassing. Incorporating garden lights into your commercial lighting strategy will help keep your space safe and secure.

Light Fixtures

Properly executed exterior lighting is necessary for commercial property. LED technology has quickly become the best outdoor lighting option for parking lots, entrance areas and other real estate spaces that require reliable lighting. LED bulbs last far longer than their conventional counter parts thus extending the longevity of outdoor light fixtures.

Exterior fixtures set the tone, add ambiance and compliment the originating style of your space.  Wall Lights such as sconces that are strategically placed will add a decorative flair and can draw attention to company branding materials such as signage and murals.

LED lights work wonderfully in cold temperatures, which make them an ideal choice for light fixtures that must be dependable in elements such as wind, snow and sleet. LED wall packs are effective in areas that interface with harsh conditions and remain a trusted source for bright light regardless of the environment. LED wall packs can provide directional lighting along with flood style lighting and are a superior choice for lighting parking lots, pathways and large exterior settings.

Reaching maximum output the moment they are activated gives outdoor light fixtures with LED lights the upper hand in efficiency. Combined with motion or daylight sensors, this instant-on feature controls output and further optimizes operational procedures.

Outdoor light fixtures make it safe after sundown and with advancements in aesthetics, can add curb appeal to your property. Perfect for any area where light is desirable, LED illumination is a durable and low-maintenance way to provide a well-lit outdoor space.

Walkway Lights

Without walkway lights, a simple walk to-and-from can be dangerous. Various applications of walkway lights can bring a unique atmosphere to your outdoor space and provide lighting for safety.

LED light bulbs come in a variety of sizes and levels of brightness, which make them a perfect way to accommodate commercial spaces. The exceptional color quality of LED lighting allows you to be creative and change your walkway lighting to match events, holidays and seasons.

LED rope lights are a popular way to outline driveways, entranceways and landscapes. LED rope lights lay flat and can be purchased in standard lengths or cut for custom use. Secured to the ground using stakes, LED bulbs are protected within the rope and are weatherproof.

Porch Lights

Porch lights set the stage for a grand first impression. Porch lights are an invitation into your space, highlight architectural design, artistic elements and create symmetry of the exterior.

An important element of porch lighting is making sure that steps leading up to the porch are adequately lit. Lights may be tucked into existing landscape or appended to light fixtures that complement the décor of a space.

LED recessed lighting is ideal for showcasing a dominant element or seating area. Hanging lights are another nice touch and make good use of overhead space. From mounted lights to ground lights, Anthem Lighting has endless opportunities for outdoor lighting success.

The durability and extended life of LED lighting means that you will not have to worry about breakage or replacement. When welcoming business affiliates or guests, you can be assured that LED lighting will not let you down.

WOW Your Space with LED Lights

Maximize your outdoor space with LED landscape lighting. Durable, long-lasting and energy efficient, LED lights will turn your outdoor space into a coveted haven. If you have existing outdoor lighting with older technology, talk to one of our professionals about retrofitting. Retrofitting will allow you all the advantages of LED lighting without a complete overhaul.

Make Anthem LED Lighting Distributors your first choice for LED lighting solutions.

We look forward to working with you!

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