LED Flood Lights & Area Lights

Anthem LED Lighting Distributors, Inc. specializes in outdoor LED lighting including LED flood lights, flood light fixtures, and flood light bulbs. With many types of outside lights available, it can be difficult to choose the best flood lights for your home or business. Our lighting technicians will help you with the vast range of LED floodlight options to ensure that the design and layout meet your unique requirements and specific challenges. Our large variety and years of experience with outdoor LED flood lights, including casings and LED pole light fixtures, make us your trusted solution for exterior lighting.

Flood Lights and Area Lights

Flood lights have immense illumination power, which makes them the number one way to light-up large outdoor areas. Commonly found in stadiums, sports fields, streets and parking lots, commercial flood lights allow team sports, driving, and daytime activities to safely continue after dark.

Flood lights are often used for security and entertainment purposes. Security flood lights and outside flood lights are unmatched at being able to produce maximum brightness to large scale spaces. This makes them a popular choice for parking lots, common areas, pedestrian walkways and any entertainment venue operating outside of daylight hours.

Exterior business lighting can also use LED area flood lights to highlight signs, billboards, murals and statues. Functional and aesthetically appealing, colored flood lights can add dimension to landscape and hardscape elements.

Exterior light fixtures must be durable and able to withstand elements related to weather, corrosion and bugs. We carry outdoor flood light fixtures for basic use and flood light fixtures that will endure drastic conditions.  From plastic casings to die cast aluminum, we have you covered on outdoor flood fixtures.

LED pole light fixtures are a very important aspect of outdoor area lighting. Our staff will help with critical considerations for pole height include building dimension and/or total area to be illuminated.

Differences between Flood Lights and Spot Lights

Flood lights and spots lights can both be used for outside area lighting. Flood lights are designed to provide wide light over a vast area. Spotlights are used to highlight features by projecting a narrow beam of light. They may be used in conjunction with each other for maximum effect but their illumination features are quite different.

What Types of Businesses Use LED Flood Lights

Any business that requires illumination of a large space is in the market for LED area light.

Primarily used for security, safety and entertainment purposes, LED flood lights can be an applicable solution for any setting.

Examples include Stadiums, Sports Fields, Shopping Malls, Schools, Hospitals, Grocery Stores, Gas Stations, Highways, Parking Lots, Streets, Common Areas, Walkways, Warehouses, Theaters, Arenas, Auto Dealerships, Storage Areas and Back Entrances

LED Flood Lights are the Better Business Choice

The best exterior flood lights use LED technology. Energy efficient and environmentally safe, LED light bulbs have rapidly become the best lighting application for any environment. LED bulbs use 50 to 75% less energy and last up to 35 times longer than incandescent lighting systems.

LED outside flood lights optimize operating costs through reduction of energy use and decreased maintenance efforts. Illuminating large spaces requires a lot of electricity. When using flood lights even the smallest amount of waste can add up to big money.

Why LED Flood Lights and LED Area Lights?

Efficiency, Dependability and Durability

LED outside flood lights maximize efficiency through directional lighting and minimal heat production. Halogen flood lights are much less efficient because the majority of their energy is wasted as heat. Halogen bulbs can get so hot that they are dangerous to touch, even causing burns.

LED area light is dependable in harsh weather conditions. From intense heat to severe cold, high winds and damaging storms, LED lumen output remains constant. Compact fluorescent lights take time to warm up and struggle with peak performance during cold temperatures. Lighting delay and temperature sensitivity make CFL bulbs a poor choice for outdoor area lighting and specifically security lighting.

Outdoor LED flood light bulbs bring durability to the forefront with their long lifespan and resistance to breaking. Compact fluorescent lights are brittle and therefore should not be used for outdoor lighting. Halogen bulbs are sensitive to oils and must be handled with gloves.  Without proper use of gloves during installation replacement, outside halogen lights can have faulty workmanship.

Flood Lights Enhance Security

Maintaining a well-lit area will deter crime, prevent accidents and make your visitors feel invited.

Outside flood lights are unmatched in being able to provide maximum brightness to large-scale locations. Flood lights are the number one choice for security lights. White LED flood lights not only discourage crime and vandalism from unwanted visitors, they provide added safety for your guests.

Combining flood lights with optimizing features will maximize efficiency. Motion sensors, activated controls and automatic daylight-shut off will reduce energy consumption and save money on operating costs.

Residential LED Flood Lights

Flood lights are often used in residential outdoor lighting, as they are an effective way to enhance the safety and security of a home. We have garage flood lights, driveway flood lights, backyard flood lights and much more!


If you are currently utilizing outside lights with conventional lighting systems, talk with one of our qualified representatives about retrofitting to LED bulbs. Lighting is always changing but LED technology is here to stay.

Benefits Of LED

Substantial energy and maintenance savings result from the installation of an LED lighting system in commercial and industrial facilities...

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Anthem Lighting’s sales team specializes in securing LED utility incentives to make your energy efficiency projects pay back quickly...

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Anthem Lighting offers the strongest warranties in the business, in fact 3, 5 and 10 year warranties are standard on all products we distribute...