Exterior LED Lighting

LED lighting for building exteriors provides durable and long lasting lighting at an economical price point, which makes it an excellent choice for safety and security or decorative lighting. At Anthem LED we are a team of lighting experts ready to assist you with choosing the best energy efficient light options for your needs.

History Of LED Lights

LED lights first appeared in 1962 and were used in electronic components, such as in remote controls, and were typically limited to red color. Initially visible LED lights were low intensity lights. As LED lights became more varied, so did their uses. They first were used as a replacement for small incandescent bulbs as indicator lights in small electronic devices. Then they began to be used in numeric readouts, such as in digital clocks. Recent LED advancements have allowed them to be used for environmental or task lighting. Today’s modern LED lights are available in visible, ultraviolet, and infrared wavelengths and come in low intensity all the way to very bright lights.

LED lights provide a number of benefits over their incandescent counterparts. LED lights provide low energy lighting, typically have a longer lifetime, are smaller in size, and faster switching than incandescent light bulbs. They are also much easier to dispose of as there are fewer environmental concerns to consider with their disposal. LED lights have become very diverse in their uses. They have been used in aviation lighting, vehicle headlights, advertising, traffic signals, camera flashes, LED commercial lighting, along with general lighting.

Benefits of Exterior LED Lighting

If you are using LED lighting that is ENERGY STAR & DLC qualified, you may find unparalleled opportunities to save energy, maintenance, and cooling costs. The Anthem LED team are your local lighting experts specializing in providing cost effective and state of the art lighting solutions for all your lighting needs, From offices, businesses, warehouses, big box retail, or even industrial settings, Anthem LED will help you find a cost effective energy saving lighting option.

LED lighting can be an easy retrofit for most applications. When you account for rebates and incentives along with the low cost association with using LED lighting, you can usually see a quick return on investment when you make the switch from incandescent lighting to LED lighting. LED lighting is also an especially appropriate and effective solution for outdoor lighting such as parking lots, perimeters, and signage. The lighting professionals at Anthem LED can help you with retrofitting your existing lighting from incandescent to LED lighting.

When using qualified commercial LED light fixtures, you may find they are using up to 75% less energy and lasting up to 35 times longer than incandescent lighting. LED lighting also produces virtually no heat while providing optimal light color for any environment. From parking lots, warehouses and industrial facilities, to retail setting and high-end show rooms Anthem Lighting can find a LED lighting solution for all of your needs.

Quality LED lighting offers a number of benefits, such as

  • Reduced Energy Cost-LED can provide a substantial energy savings and lowered operating expenses as LEDs use at least 50 to 75% less energy than incandescent lighting.
  • Directional Lighting-Conventional bulbs emit both light and heat in all directions, where a LED bulb aims light in a specific direction. This puts the light where it is needed and eliminates wasted light and energy, decreasing light pollution.
  • Lowered Maintenance Costs-The best LED light bulbs last from 35 to 50 times longer than traditional incandescent lighting and 2 to 5 times longer than fluorescent lighting. This longer operational life leads to less maintenance needed to replace bulbs. LED bulbs can reduce labor costs associated with replacing these bulbs, this labor often is performed outside of normal operating hours, which can add additional cost.
  • Reduced Cooling Costs-As LED bulbs produce minimal heat, you will likely see a decrease in your cooling costs during warmer summer months.
  • Convenient Features-LED bulbs offer a variety of convenient features. Available with a 0-10V, line voltage dimming, motion activated controls, automatic daylight shut-off, and motion sensors are just a few of the options available.
  • Durability-Unlike incandescent bulbs, LED bulbs are extremely break resistant and nearly immune to vibration damage.
  • Exceptional Brightness-LED light bulbs offer a wider variety of levels of brightness with the highest levels being substantially brighter than existing technology in both incandescent and fluorescent lighting.
  • Consistent Light Output-Over time light output on LED bulbs is more consistent. The output does not decrease until you are towards the end of the bulbs rated lifetime. LED bulbs are rated for at least 35,000 hours, based on 8 hours of use per day that gives you consistent light output for about 12 years.
  • Outstanding Color Quality-LED bulbs maintain their color temperature and the light appears clear and consistent throughout the life of the bulb. They provide quality bright white light with even distribution, making them an excellent choice for all retail settings, from a small boutique store to a big box retail warehouse or grocery store.
  • Instant On-Most fluorescent and HID bulbs require several minutes to reach maximum light output. LED lights come on instantly, at maximum brightness, when turned on. This makes LED light bulbs an excellent choice to pair with occupancy or daylight sensors.
  • No Flickering-LED lighting remains steady and constant, with no flickering, even when dimmed.
  • No Off-State Power Draw-When the unit is turned off, LED bulbs do not draw any power.
  • Extended Lifespan-High quality LED bulbs have an expected lifespan of 30,000 to 50,000 hours. In comparison, incandescent bulbs typically have an expected lifespan of about 1000 hours and a comparable CF bulb lasts up to 10,000 hours; both fall short of the LED lifespan. LED lights are also unaffected by rapid cycling, such as in flashing light signage or when used with occupancy sensors.
  • Cold Temperature Operation-High intensity LED bulbs perform exceptionally in cold temperatures, which makes them an excellent choice for outdoor light fixtures or indoor applications in unheated facilities. LED lights are an outstanding choice for parking lot and signage lighting, sports facility lighting, refrigerated display cases, and cold storage warehouse interiors.
  • Cost Effective Retrofits-LED bulbs are available in a wide range of wattages, including 40, 60, 90, 100, and 150 watts. With their longevity and increased lumens of these options, you can see substantial cost savings when used lower rated wattages.

In short, qualified LED lighting is the clear choice for excellent quality, color and even distribution of light, with a solid return on investment in retrofit applications or specified in new construction.

Commercial Lighting Retrofitting

Lighting technology has made great strides in the past few years. The good news is that even if you are utilizing older technology, there is the capability of retrofitting your existing fixtures so that you can have all the advantages that come with LED bulbs!  A lighting retrofit is a renovation of your lighting fixtures and/or bulbs so that you can improve your lighting output and temperature of your light while also saving energy and emitting less heat. The advantage of retrofitting is that you can now receive all the benefits of LED bulbs addressed above. The only disadvantage is the cost associated with retrofitting. The cost of retrofitting will depend on the size of your lighting project. Even with a large scale retrofitting project with a large upfront cost, it will eventually save you money by reducing your energy usage.

Our team at Anthem LED Lighting are specialists that will work with you not only on the pricing or financing of the retrofit, but will also help you in securing LED utility incentives that can help offset the cost of your energy efficient lighting project.

Parking Lot Lighting-LED exterior lighting solutions can provide cost effective, high intensity LED lighting to ensure safe and secure parking lots. LED lighting can provide this with much lower utility and maintenance costs than HID, HPS, or other conventional or traditional lighting types. High intensity LED lights outperform conventional lighting not only through many years of use, but also through extreme outdoor conditions. LED lighting gives you the options of daylight sensors, occupancy sensors, and multiple mounting options. LED lights in both ground level or multilevel parking facilities not only reduces dangerous shadows and dark areas, but also allows for security cameras to operate more efficiently with better output. In-pavement LED crosswalk lighting markers are a low cost, but very effective way to increase pedestrian safety near lift gates or other high traffic areas by alerting oncoming traffic to the possibility of a pedestrian.

Wall Pack Sconce LED lighting-Sconces and wall fixtures are available in either directional or flood styles and both are excellent choices for lighting exterior pathways surrounding your commercial buildings and parking lots. LED outside lights are commonly used on office buildings, campuses, hotels, stores and many other types of facilities to create ambient light and to increase pedestrian safety or to highlight directional signage. They are available in many material options and slim or low profile styles are available to complement any building’s architecture.

LED Landscape Lighting-Anthem LED lighting offers many ground level solutions for commercial LED lighting for your landscaping. A wide variety of fixture styles are available and our lighting specialists can help you find the perfect landscape lighting options for your needs. LED lighting is a long lasting and economical option to consider when it comes to lighting building perimeter paths and stairs in a commercial setting. Occupancy sensors can decrease operating costs by only having lights operational when they are needed. In-pavement LED lighting systems are an attractive option that can help increase safety.

Floodlights and Area Lights. Vandal proof lighting can help to increase building and outdoor property security on commercial properties such as auto dealerships, outdoor retail storage areas, or back entrances. Anthem LED Lighting supplies a wide variety of options to meet all of your outdoor lighting needs with exterior light fixtures or commercial LED spotlights.

Benefits Of LED

Substantial energy and maintenance savings result from the installation of an LED lighting system in commercial and industrial facilities...

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Anthem Lighting’s sales team specializes in securing LED utility incentives to make your energy efficiency projects pay back quickly...

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Anthem Lighting offers the strongest warranties in the business, in fact 3, 5 and 10 year warranties are standard on all products we distribute...