Why Switching to LED Lighting Will Benefit Your Business

If you knew switching to commercial LED lighting would

save your company money, drive employee productivity and increase sales,

how fast would you contact the nearest LED light company?

To be honest, we don’t really want you to fall into the arms of the nearest LED storefront.

We just want to explore LED lighting and how it will benefit your business.

Running a business is not for the faint at heart and running one in the dark is, (well), a risky situation. Ensuring satisfaction from customers and employees, investing in emerging technology and securing a bottom line that brings home the bacon, is what it is all about, right? In the proper light, I suppose. Metaphorically and literally speaking, light does play a role in maximum efficiencies.

Who would have guessed that when LED lighting first came on the scene, it would be forecasted to grow into a $25 billion industry by 2023? With this gigantic forecast and the growing number of businesses upgrading their commercial lighting and commercial lighting fixtures to the LED initiative, l think it’s safe to say that LED lighting has one bright future.

But seriously? What is all the all hoopla surrounding commercial LED lighting and how does it stand up to the multi-billion dollar hype? Let’s take a look at WHY switching to LED lighting will improve your business. The top five reasons seem the best place to start.

LED Conversion Cost & Savings

Business owners wear many hats and perhaps the biggest hat is concerned with profit margins. Utilities, including lighting, are necessary but are not necessarily required to stay the same.

LED lighting can play a big role in reducing operating costs through improved efficiencies. Decreased energy consumption, lower utility bills and a reduction in maintenance procedures have led to the rise of LED applications and the popularity of LED commercial light fixtures.

By 2030, LED technology will have potentially saved $15 billion by using less energy than traditional bulbs and conventional lighting systems. That’s a lot of money saved and a good reason to upgrade your commercial lighting.

Using LED light bulbs can reduce your carbon footprint by up to 70%. Reduction of C02 emissions is especially important to millennials who control a chunk of the buying power and make purchase decisions based on a brands “cause” and community involvement.

However, making the leap to commercial LED replacement lighting is often overlooked because of the upfront cost of transitioning. While it is true that the initial cost of LED lighting will be higher than incandescent, fluorescent or halogen alternatives, investing in commercial electric LED lights quickly pays for itself. .

LED Lighting Safety Benefits

Do you have employees, guests or clients that maneuver through parking garages, stairwells or outdoor pathways? Commercial LED outdoor lighting produces a steadier, all-inclusive brighter light than that of existing spotlights or wall packs. LED lighting also enjoys immediate, instant-on illumination, which reduces lag time in the event your business uses motion sensors or dimming features.

LED bulbs have an expected lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. This is over 90% longer than the incandescent bulb, which comes in with an anticipated lifespan of 2,000 hours. Longer lasting commercial LED light bulbs with directional output, provide enhanced safety for otherwise dimly lit areas.

Additionally, LED bulbs are very sturdy and hard to break. Ideal for outdoor business lighting and outdoor venues, LED bulbs are able to withstand very high vibration levels and forceful impacts. They do not contain mercury so on the off chance they do break, they are not an environmental hazard or pose a high-risk threat to the public.

Increased Sales

Is your business retail based or rely on the visual presentation of products or services? LED lighting is clear, bright and flicker resistant. It works very well in showcasing items in a window or grocery aisle. Indoor LED lighting is also ideal for highlighting displays or point of purchase merchandise.

Studies have shown that specific lighting strategies, effectively guide consumers through a store, increase an average ticket price and enhance the customer experience.  LED solutions such as commercial LED spotlights play into a variety of lighting schemes such as ambient lighting, accent lighting and high-activity lighting. Consult an LED expert to discuss how commercial LED lighting can enhance your in-store design, office setting, public area or industrial setting.

Health and Wellness Benefits

Proper lighting is important to good health and mood regulation. Depression as seen in SAD (Seasonal Affected Disorder) and SBS (Sick Building Syndrome) are just two of many medical conditions that are influenced by light.

Additionally, improper lighting can lead to headaches and eyestrain caused by glares, shadows and reflections. Consequently, this can cause an increase in employee sick days and time out of the office for appointments with various health professionals.

The good news though is that indoor LED lighting can be part of the cure. LED advancements have made it possible to create natural light in enclosed spaces. Plus, an invariable perk of natural light is an increase in motivation. Happier employees make for happier customers….and happier customers make for a happier bottom line.

Productivity and Aesthetics

The first LED bulb was created in 1962 in the form of red diodes. Sometime later, The LED bulb that caused the LED firestorm was limited to bright white illumination and designed for general lighting purposes. Fast forward to 2018 and commercial LED light bulbs are offered in a variety of shapes, sizes and all include all colors of the rainbow.

The vast selection of LED products, which now fit into any space imaginable and also feed the favorite colors of scientific research, give outdoor commercial LED lighting and indoor LED lighting the opportunity to create all types of ambience.

Imagine the effect of creating emotion through strategic lighting in a conference room, reception area or showroom. By doing so, you have entered the concept of Human-Centric Lighting.

Human-centric lighting is a new LED design technique, which includes adjusting the intensity and color quality of light to the satisfaction of the room’s occupants. Generate the emotion and generate the sale. That’s what we know from the marketing gurus of 2018 anyhow.

Now that we have learned that using smart lighting psychology will increase employee productivity and invoke a positive reaction to our product or service, commercial LED replacement lighting becomes a reasonable suggestion.

Anthem LED Lighting Distributors has a long history of bringing commercial LED lighting to businesses just like yours. Their experienced team of lighting professionals understands how to successfully incorporate LED innovation into any project or property.

Anthem LED Lighting Distributors isn’t your average LED storefront. They are a leading LED light company that will help improve your overall profit margin with top-quality LED applications and impeccable installation. Contact us today to learn more about our LED lighting solutions.

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