Why You Should Try Strip LED Lighting for Your Business

Rapid advancements in LED technology make the argument for why you should try strip LED lighting for your business. Don’t believe it? Let’s find out why LED strip lights outshine the competition.

Compatible for both indoor and outdoor use, LED strip lights run the gambit on purposeful illumination. Waterproof LED strip lights, battery powered LED strip lights, multi-color and LED light strips with remote make it perfectly clear that: LED lighting has come a long way.

The original uses of LED strips were limited to decorative and style lighting such as accent lighting and backlighting plus specific task lighting. Now, with LED technology growing with leaps and bounds, LED strip lighting has expanded into high volume task lighting and traditional bulb replacement. The evolving illumination capability of LED strip lighting has made it desirable all the way from the stage and drama productions to greenhouses and horticultural efficiencies

If you are like me, you are accustomed to comparing light in watts. In the LED world, however, the brightness of light is measured by lumens. Ensuring the proper lumen output will give you a perfectly lighted space. Are you ready to find out why lumens are your best bet?

The Top 10 Reasons Why Your Business Would Benefit from LED Strip Lights


When it comes to efficiencies, LED lighting is the superior choice. Blowing away traditional lighting systems, LED technology is the clear leader in energy, operating and eco-friendly efficiencies.

On the scale of energy efficiencies, LED lighting wins hands-down. LED innovation including LED strips uses up to 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs and up to 50% less than CFLs. This can mean big savings for small companies and even bigger savings for companies that rely heavily on large- scale lighting applications.

The life span of LED bulbs and LED strip lights brings operating efficiencies to a new level. Lasting 25x longer than incandescent bulbs and up to 15x longer than CFLs, LED lights are estimated to produce 25,000 to 50,000 hours of illumination. The reduction in replacement bulbs, man- hours, labor and even cutting back on dedicated storage space will really add up.

If you are looking for eco-friendly efficiencies, look no further than LED strip lights. LED lighting does not contain mercury or harsh chemicals, which makes their disposal environmentally safe. They are also a good candidate for recycling as many LED products on the market today contain recyclable materials.


The functionality of LED strip lights is quickly catching on in office settings, retail establishments, eateries, public buildings and almost any venue. LED luminaire offers improved lighting quality over that of fluorescent.  Improved lighting quality equals improved employee productivity and a higher level of customer satisfaction.

Overhead lighting that hums, buzzes and flickers even if slightly can be subconsciously distracting. LED luminaire allows for a continual, steady light. LED flexible strip lights can be strategically placed above computers, registers, mirrors, produce selections or anywhere you desire for better light distribution and glare reduction.

Because they have very low UV emissions, LED strip lights are safe around sensitive consumables, X-rays or artwork, wine cellars and much more. Many companies are taking charge of their lighting with commercial strip lights.

Weather Compatibility

When it comes to cold weather, LED lights outperform all other lighting sources. Regardless of temperature, once turned on, 100% illumination is reached almost instantly. Additionally, it has been found that LED efficiencies may even improve in colder temperatures. Consider LED strips for the following or tell a friend how to improve the lighting at their company:

  • Refrigerated Display Cases
  • Cold Storage
  • Parking Lots
  • Outside Perimeters
  • Exterior Signs

LED lighting performs equally as well in heat and hot temperatures. Able to withstand harsh sun, wind, rain and turbulent weather, waterproof LED strip lights make it easy to be outdoors.


While LED strip lights serve a greater purpose and exude efficiency extraordinaire, they are also a wonderful tool for decorating and design. Illuminate the shadows or cast a spell on a computer nook. Highlight trophies, awards and accolades. Who doesn’t love to see their name in lights!

Take the strip outdoors with waterproof LED strip lights. Perfect for bringing signage to the forefront, giving a fountain an extra pop, boats and landscaping. Even inside, waterproof LED strip lights save the day in areas that are exposed to water. Beer taps, aquariums, hotel bathrooms, public restrooms, just about any water-facing space that can benefit from luminaire, will be well suited with waterproof LED strip lights.


Say goodbye to space requirements and hard to reach places!  LED strips can go just about anywhere. A peel and stick functionality makes them super easy to install (apply) and their strong tape backing makes them equally as durable. The strip many be adhered to all types of surfaces in one long piece or can be cut to size. Additionally, LED flexible strip lights can be bent vertically up to 90 degrees, which allows them to be tucked into tight spaces and installed securely out of sight.

Color Selection

Gone are the days of LED single color selection in the form of a blueish white hue. The color selection of LED strip lights has evolved to mimic the warm and soft white hues of the incandescent bulb, bright white, which is compatible with what is found in retail establishments and colors fit for a Christmas tree.

Businesses that depend on color-changing lighting schemes will benefit greatly from LED light strips with remote capabilities. Turn off lights, initiate a color change and dim from afar.


Commercial LED strip lights have an unbreakable fortitude. Ideal for outdoor use, warehouses and industrial settings, LED strips are able to withstand:

  • Harsh Conditions
  • Extreme Weather
  • Heavy Vibrations
  • External Impacts


Even though an LED strip may be disguised in a discreet nook or cranny, small hands and little fingers may find them. Unlike halogen bulbs, which burn so hot they pose a burn risk, commercial LED string lights will remain completely cool.

Safe to touch, virtually unbreakable and non-toxic, you do not need to worry about employee, customer or public safety.

Additionally, their bright, clear exceptional light quality of commercial strip lights make them an ideal illumination source for parking garages, stairwells and anywhere your customers or employees might need an extra light source to get to and from your place of business.


If you had a magic wand, would you get rid of the tangled mess of cords and wires that accompany electric lighting? Consider it done. With wireless LED strip lights, your business can enjoy the benefit of less cables and unrestricted movement.

Battery powered LED light strips allow for lighting in rooms and spaces that do not have an electric power supply. Ideal for areas that are far removed from a power source, battery powered LED light strips allow you to maximize outdoor areas and activities otherwise prohibited after sundown.

Find your commercial creativity and business savoir-faire with set it and forget it wireless lighting or portable luminaire.

Cost Effective

While the payoff is big, making the leap to LED can be initially expensive.  LED strip lights are a good way to start incorporating LED luminaire into your business without breaking the bank. Enjoy all the benefits of LED technology with LED strips and decide for yourself if LED lighting is best for you.


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